‘Death’ I am drawn to him;

His name I whispered

On my tongue it stayed revered.

He looked at me and smiled

‘Wait for me’, he said and winked.

He wore no black alright

Attired in  all colours bright 

His smile beguiling

His arms promising

He vouched his friendship

When the rest go away wiped.

On his shoulders broad

Lay many a souls aboard

He treaded carefully along

Amidst the living with a mien strong.

He was on his knees

Before the souls of babies

Innocent souls- them he revered 

Gently on his arms, them he cradled.

Old and young alike

Lay pristine on his person 

At times hundreds he  carried

Any place never he tarried.

One day he and I did talk

He was patient and did not balk

When quizzed on his chore, 

He told, ‘It’s no bed time lore

This is what I do and is never a bore.’

‘How do you decide who’s soul to take?’, queried I

‘It’s never my call,  I’m there at each soul’s cry’

My surprised gaze  he doused with a look

‘Unwittingly each soul seeks me; it’s no fluke.

Some men know, but some unaware

I don’t take any without their call, be aware.’

How true that man, from cradle to grave

His every breath does death do crave.

I remained rooted in my thoughts

His gentle tap, to the world me brought

The hand stayed on my shoulders

It made me nice and warm inside

Promising a lasting bond beside.

‘Death’ I called aloud

Without another word

He disapeared into the clouds.

Now that I’ve seen him

I readied to walk my path of rainbow

The life I know will surely end as a bow

Draped around his wrist- ahem!

Death- I am drawn to him!