The School Days- The Best in my Life!

Having spent more than 40 years out of my 50 in schools, I think it is only apt that I write about my time there. Easy  to guess- how 42?  Yes I am teacher. 22 years plus in teaching and the intial 17 years in learning.

My  connection with school has been to an extent to say that it is my life so far.

I intend to write my experiences as a series and I am going to start at random.

Leaf 1

As a student when we spend a whole year in one class room, we have a special part of the class room as Cozy Corner. That is the topic of this writing.

Morning light streaming through the green and blue curtain which seem to hold only the heat and let all light in, blesses that corner in the class room. It waits there patiently for us , for the students of 9th graders to claim it their own.
That corner is an invisible bubble that envelopes us in a coccoon of warmth and wraps us in a mixture of ‘deos’ that we boys spray (over sprayed on those over slept days when we don’t bathe), unique to us and stamps the space as ours.
Once we occupy, the place rings with animated voices of ours talking about all and sundry. It could range from latest moblies to blockbuster movies, to what we ate the previous night to what prank we played on each other and even to air our grievances. All this happens seemlessly even though we are interrupted by the reprimands of the tutors and the timely set backs due to lesson changes that happen in a school day. Those interruptions are but too minor, as the elastic cozy corner mends itself with the slightest opportunity available and we start from where we left with an ease that belies our sluggish and enervated façade we put on.
With our knees bracing each others, our special bond strengthens and the corner gets cozier. We might break any number of times, but the corner brings us together and an imperceptible thread binds us instantly. Occasionally the loud clap of our hands joining with each others on a ‘high five’ upon a joke, marks us the disturbing elements and are chided to separate. But the resonating clap reverberates in our hearts, keeping the connection alive,ready to spring back to life at the next opportunity.
The corner which is nothing but a meeting point of two walls,with a window on one side and a writing desk resting alongside the other wall with one plastic chair accommodates all four of us( we grab a chair for each of us and wedge between the places between others) with an invisible veil connecting us the moment we get together.
In the evening, when we leave for home, the corner stoically bears the estrangement.The snug secluded area remais there as a strong supporter of our group and waits eagerly for our arrival the next day.
We know that the cozy corner has been there before us and will be there after us as well, but with every new set of students, it behaves the same way like air which is common for all becomes one’s own as each breathes. We are made to feel special with its equanimity and the next morning when we reach there, it gathers us into a special fold of warmth, love and togetherness.


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