Leave Me Alone


Creeping into the mind
Chewing my thoughts to a grind.

You come every day
Like those vines knit tight around the trunk you lay.
Let me have myself alone I pray

It was just the other eve
You kept moving into my space never to leave.
Criss and cross, back and forth bumping into me
Mixing your smell with that of the air around in a spree.


You hover near
Like a crow,a watchful seer
Who waits to point out all errs I do with a sneer.
All with the intention of being so dear
And yet quelch my natural growth with an underlying leer.

You talk your way into the wall
Chink after chink
Your heart bleeds and yet you persist without a blink.
Alas the wall closes with a clink.
Your eyes strain for even a weaker link
That would keep you afloat and not in the loveless world of abysmal darkness sink.

Your heart wants more
Your eager mind craves to possess all that you see of your amour.
Alas your wants and my needs do clamour.
I lose my space and disfigured in disdain remains my pallor.
You dress me the way you see fit and bedecked I appear in your eyes.
Bleeding eyes belie its pain, crying soul muffles its plea at every whim you force.
What you see is not what I am and soon I will lose self with no trace.

You are a silent virus that spreads rapidly.
My efforts to thwart your vigour is lacerated and I walk away enervatedly.
Subjugation is what you rear and straining nerves lie in wait albeit calmly.
Your every move chokes and suffocates me grimly.
When you see me wilting won’t you stop verily?
Only after my destruction would you realise the pain evenly?


The marks you left on my soul are indelible.
Fate brought us togerher, but when did you turn unreliable?
The avarice you show in the name of care churns my inners making me irascible.
Alas even my temper is beaten by your machinations so vile.
My patience and resilience are misused to raise in vain my bile.

Termite you are that eats me alive from inside.
A slow poison that bores the bones and kills the marrow.
An RFID forced on to me to know my every move.
An invisible bond that slowly constricts me.


Leave me alone and let me breathe my share of air in peace and not croak untimely.
Leave me alone so that I live my life in my own pace and grow and fall to raise again truly.
Leave me alone to find myself to revel in my glory and to repent in my folly.

Creeping into the mind
Chewing my thoughts to a grind.


Leave me alone.


– for all those innumerable female population in India and across the globe who suffer abuses both physical and mental in the hands of their own fathers, brothers, husbands and other male members of the society!


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