A Fly that took a ride

The Fly that took a ride!


A bold fly
On a morning, cold and rainy, it came by
And sat on my sleeve
After he took his leave!

He put his hands together
In anticipation to gather
Some bit of grime that happenstance
On my travel weary blue flannel
To savour during the tour!

Just then the bus moved
The fly came under stress
As his rear four slid
He unclasped the front two
And dived he into the flannels gorge so wide!

Eyes on the forehead
Darting everywhere
All six grasping at the sides to spear
A hold; the silvery wings a flutter
Did he scream?
May be yes!
Much softer than a mutter?


His metallic green hue
Turned sharper and deeper due
To the adrenaline rush?
Then came a gush
A stormy wind
To wind his time
From the flannel drive
So he went away in a flash!

A bold fly he was
No grime he could gather- alas!
But adventures he did amass!



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