I ‘d rather be

I ‘d rather be


I’d rather be a flowing river than a boulder in the way


So that I can traverse far lands and meet many friendly souls on the way.


I’d rather be a wafting breeze than a resisting storm


So that I can take the odours of true labour and care in my arms.


I’d rather be an expanding sky than a shrinking cosmos


So that I encompass more lands and be never at a loss.


I’d rather be a soft giving earth than a hard terrain


So that I am bed to many plants and a vessel to hold the torrential rain.


I ‘d rather be a light and warmth -giving fire than a burning inferno


So that I make hearts realise the importance of giving than saying ‘no’.


One thought on “I ‘d rather be

  1. Many wish, many desires, many dream, many slog
    well written of flow of thoughts…..
    only very few get there through long years of concentration / meditation dedicating their lives, and traverse millions of miles away and their mind remains with a joy fulfilled life while their body may still be on this earth…
    How many of us really attempt towards such a dedicated life,,,,of soul search!!!.
    Well thought out….Great.

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