Zillions of galaxies
Millions of stars
Uncountable systems
Hundreds of planets
Countable continents
Bordered countries
Measurable areas
Many people
And you are “one”!


A one that holds
Zillions of cells
Millions of nerve-endings
Uncountable layers of muscles
Hundreds of vessels
Countable organs
Bordered body areas
Measurable body functions
Many actions
And “one” life!


A one life that harbours
Zillions of thoughts
Millions of wishes
Uncountable talk
Hundreds of writings
Countable actions of kindness
Bordered living
Measurable wealth
Many relations
And “one” death!



A one death that rakes
Zillions of emotions
Millions of emptiness
Uncountable tears
Hundreds of expenses
Countable days of mourning
Bordered grief
Measurable days of living(of the dead)
Many problems
And not “one” solution!


Thus with zero and one
A number game is spun
From eons and eons
For ages anon
That always leaves
A “one” behind
With none for the worse
To keep on the life curse!


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