Hey Breeze!
You caress my face with your gentle fingers
Your sweet kiss on my face lingers
You are so cool on my sweated brow
And roses in my garden sway gently in a row!


Oh! Sweet breeze! As you breeze through the land
How many sweated brows you have cooled?
How many buds you have unfurled?
How many life-giving pollen you have transferred?
And how many seeds you have dispersed?


As you comb through the leaves and branches of trees
How many nests you have kissed?
How many birds you have blessed?
How many gentle waves you have created on the ponds?

As you waft gently from place to place
And person to person
You definitely bring with you all the
Sighs of pleasure
And the smiles as treasure!
To give them away on your way
Only to fill an armful again, to take away!


You come uninvited
Never to be churned, only too delighted!
Yet, why do I think that you make yourself known
When kindness amongst mankind is manifested alone?

Oh! Sweet breeze! Don’t go!
Come again! Come again!
So all the honest pains may disappear!
Forgotten smiles may reappear!
With you, Hope and faith are rekindled, I swear!


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