Every moment we are bound
With norms that society hath found.
From birth till death
Choosing is a dearth.

We didn’t ask and yet
We came to be.
She didn’t ask for us.
We forcibly are thrust inside hers.
Thus she hates and curses us.

Even with want and welcome
We are let into a cage.
We grow in the confines of the womb
Which is but a prelude to the final tomb.
It is befitting that we come out crying
The choice is killed even as we set to trying
For we are shut anon with a pacifier.


If we indulge in nature around
Breathe and eat unbound.
Then we are no human
As norms set don’t let us free, oh man!

Do this and do that
A book of rules ,the language we learn first.
No wonder we say ‘nay’ in all earnest.
‘Aayes’ make us the best
The ‘nays’ make us the worst.

Free will to breathe is there
But the air is bound tight with servility.
Free will to sleep is here
But the bed is thrust upon us in adversity.
Free will to eat is there
But customs take the pleasure away with impunity.
Free will to dress is here
But religion kills all curiosity.

What is left is the free will to think
Free will to dream
Free will to live in your own mind.

All can have this free will
And live a life in glory with no kill.
Just a few are lucky still
able to live as they will.

But for all
be ye, a prince or a pauper still,
living in your mind is the free will
and no one to kill.


Enjoy the free will!


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