My name – a mysterious treasure

     My name- a mystery to me

A syllabled sound that births in a mind
To become one of its kind.
A fine tether, hath me bound
Most used and abused sound
I have never found!

It rolls easily through all teeth
With little or no emotion, but astoundingly lithe!

My mom’s sweet cooing
A delightful sighing,
Breathed onto my ears oft times
Love and security poured at bedtimes.
That was the first of many
From a heart so sweet as honey!

Bellowing and stern
When it is my dad’s turn
The way my name crush
Under his thundering bush (moustache)
I shiver and cower
But still appreciate his power!

Robust and vibrant at eve times
Shouted by my friends at times
My name carries a carefree hue
Which is my uncaring spirit’s due!

Out of concern when my granny nags
Loads of unsavory pressure it bags.
But when a conspirational sweetmeat accompanies it
With a wink, my grandpa and I cherish it!

A high pitched jealous note
Rings aloud when my neighbor slays it by rote!

When my teacher beckons me with authority
I am stunned at how my name shrinks to brevity!

Thus rolls my name
Which no day, month or year can tame!
By now it has taken my height and weight
Even my complexion sallow or bright!

Youth’s vigor acts as a trigger
And chase all unpleasant sounds in a snicker.
Dreamy days and wakeful nights I relish
Career and success, house and a partner –I hope to cherish!

My name through my lover’s lips
Is when my soul into bliss slips.
My name’s every letter and syllable
Hear my ears, with no trouble
And then I realize
A new facet to my name is possible!

Amidst chasing dreams and building a future
My name in this world’s mouth- a torture!

A shout or a whisper
At times with love and
At times with menace it gets crispier!

In the maelstrom of life and responsibilities
My name is stretched and shrunk in all probabilities!

Me and my name rolled into one
Gathering mass and stopping at none
Rolls along the life’s road
Sometimes narrow, at times broad!

Anon comes a bend
Which will mark my end!
Even then, in people’s mind
My name will be battered, with none to mend!

Is it me or my name?
On what to place the blame?
For, all through the years I too set aflame
Many a names that by me came!

With me it grew
Took shape and colour at times true!
When uttered with love
It fit me like a glove
But with hatred and anger
It lost all its gander!
In the end
My name – a mystery to me!
When it became me
And I became it
Is for sure- a mystery to me!

By virtue of its mystery it is a treasure to me!


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