My voice

For day15 prompt, I had to think hard as there has been no event that was cancelled so far and so no experience of that loss. So I decided on the most important event in India.

Fire crackers in Diwali… more?


Oh ! My God!  What, how and why?
It is atrocious. No government has the right to take away the fire crackers from people, which is synonomous with the national event that brings happiness, brotherhood and a link with all- rich, poor, hindu, muslim and christian.

When the festive fever catches , all castes and creed join to make it memorable. No discrimination is noticed. The whole of India is  resplendent with the sound of fire crackers and the splendid light they emit. The streets strewn with the remnants of the burst- crackers are the decorations.


But the government has banned the bursting of fire crackers. It says the firecrackers pollute the atmosphere and it is detrimental to the environment. Thats is bullshit!

Let measures be taken to reduce air pollution in all other possible ways throughout the year and we should have these ten days in a year to enjoy!

If this is cancelled, it is murderous. It is as if the spirit of the society is killed. There would be no wonder and amazement on the faces of young and the old when colourful rockets go miles high and spew millions of colours.


The momentary awe that fills the heart and mind with wonder and magic; which transforms all  pain into joy; that which obliterates all hurt and hatred is gone!

No! It cannot be!
No! It cannot be!
No! It cannot be!


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