To Whom It May Concern

31st Jan , 2014

My dear book,


It has been four days now, I couldn’t even touch you.
You are there in front of my eyes, so close, yet too far.

If it is not my other duties that plot to keep you away from me, it is health that connives to separate us.

When all are away, no duty to hinder us and no health to stop us, I literally grab you. Don’t I?

But you have no qualms when I do that. Do you?  I see the coy smile spread on your front cover.  The winking pages beckon me and the revealing cleavage at your back- the blurb -makes me drool for you.

But when I finally hold you in my arms today, why and why did that sleep come and take me away from you?



23rd Jan 2014

My darling book,

Mm…mm..mmm….(smooching). Huh! Finally you are in my arms. No threatening health, no urgent duty, neither am I tired. We have almost an  hour before that heartless duty would return.

Let’s make this time memorable. Come!come my dear! Spread yourself in my arms. Let me hug you. Let me admire your shining and alluring face. The title and the author writ on your face beguiles me. They promise me 256 pages of pure pleasure.

The  golden handled dagger dripping with blood tattooed on your face is a lodestone pulling me towards you.

Your crisp young pages are unparallelled in giving pleasure to me. They hold so many electrifying plot curves and so many real life characters to touch my senses and arouse me. How can I resist you?

Only when I have touched and tasted each and every word-filled corner will I be satiated.

The climax hidden in your pages will drive me over the edge and then I would languish in the after glow while burying myself in  the last pages and the epilogue.

Ah! After the sensuous experience my bones go mushy and I hold you and stare at you with pride and happiness. You are mine . Only mine.


Even when you get yellowed and old, your charm will not diminish and I will come back to you again and again.

You are the only love for me.

Yours always



4 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern

  1. Seems many personal feelings shared while taking a book in-hand and when others disturb you.
    In a nutshell, each individual is possessive of one thing or the other. It varies from tastes and likes of individuals. Fact remains everyone is possessive at the end of the day.
    Continue to enjoy your reading without disturbance that provide mental happiness…..
    Good writing. Keep it up!!!.

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