Two men who came after my father, whom I lost, are my Husband and my Son. Both are amazing in their own ways.

I was just 21 when my conservative mother who  was worried about marrying her daughter off to a decent educated man, took my horoscope in hand and began the groom hunting process. This resulted in me dropping physics after under grad and take up English literature which could be pursued by distance education unlike physics. An advantage in my teaching career at school.
But that is besides the point.

For all the worry she had, there came an alliance from one of the renowned author’s family (  a lingusit and  an editor of famous Tamil magazine in Southern India). Their last son, my Murali, was ready for grabs(!) and thus our alliance was fixed and within 6 months we were married.
(Aside: I wrote 4 papers of my graduation on American Litetature the next two days of my marriage!)


My marriage reception photo in 1987

Having grown up without a male hand(lost my father when I was just 6 years old- my day 4 loss), adjusting to a male authority was difficult initially. It definitely took time for me to understand the moods and nuances in his  authoritarian approach.

With youth playing its role, my son came immediately ,the next year, after marriage  and my life took a different dimension. Amidst the joys and trials of rearing a child I learnt a lot from my husband.

A disciplinarian, great organiser, task master and a loving husband and a father, he taught me to be independent; to take decisions and act towards the best interest of the family.

Many of my skills today that set me aside as a successful teacher has credit towards him. However I am not discrediting my own strengths.

He has never thought ill of anyone and he is very considerate towards all. An introvert, but once he makes friends, he is the best.

Next in line is my son. I do not wish to write any more than I did in my day 6 writing at

With such wonderful men in my life, I am the luckiest. Many others such as my uncles and professors came and went and did not leave a mark. They did shape a few pages of my life but did not play a major role.

These two- my husband and my son are mine in all sense.


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