Ego Vs Alter ego

Contrasts are the basis of our existence. Right from matter & antimatter, love & hate, black & white,you name it everything has its contrast.

In fact if anything is to be studied, as much as what it is, what it is not completes the picture.  Contrasts are the spice of life.

So I am going to work on ‘ego’ and ‘alter ego’.


One fine evening as sun set in the western horizon of the Arabian sea in the beach city of Goa, both Ego and the alterego set out for a nice walk.

Then they both began to talk.

Ego( E): You know walking along this shore, enjoying the sea breeze, watching the waves crash on  the shore is very relaxing.

Alterego (A): Relaxing you say? Hah. Shit man! I feel restrained. I must now run wild, swim with the waves and scream, may be then I would be close to being satisfied.

E: Come on, you know you can’t do that. You can run, but not wild. You can swim, but  you cannot beat the mighty waves.
Lastly, screaming, No way! You would be deemed crazy and would be arrested for disturbing the public.


A: Ha!  Fuck! I knew it. Nothing is exciting in your world. You live in a world of rules, ethics and many such bindings that suffocate me.

E: Hey!Don’ t lie. In this same world, you have had your chances to live like a free spirit. Did you not scream in delight last week when the exam results came and you won the top prize?

A: Ho!  Kill it man! That’ s nothing. It was the most natural reaction when some one is overjoyed. That action is accepted as it has a proper reason.
But I want to scream now for no reason. Shouldn’t having no reason be reason enough to do something?

E: Let me tell you.  You  fail as you do not have the perspective of co-existence. You are in a society and it has certain norms to be followed.

A: Norms! What the hell?
I was just going through the huge rule book you humans seem to have.
It starts from the start. You cry as a baby, you are hushed and given a pacifier to keep you quiet or fed until you are drowsy and you sleep.
Then as you grow, don’t do this, don’t do that.. too much. It’s stifling.

E: True. All these are needed so that you do not harm yourself. If as a baby you are allowed to cry for long hours, you could tire and even choke on your own breath, not to mention the nuisance you would become to others.


A:  Stick it up man! You go again on others! Where are ‘you’ in this equation? No where? I cannot be like that always. You restrain me a lot and so look what I do, I binge on food, I drink, I lust after flesh, I go behind comforts, power and eventually I go after life!

E: That’s why I am always with you. But you are forgetting when we both unite, don’t we have some fun while we indulge on some extra pies, an extra scoop of ice cream and once in a while additional two pegs of whiskey? 
Have you forgotten the little extra fun we get by watching the high powered , adrenaline packed thrillers, supernatural and para normal, not to mention the x- rated movies?

A: You suck man! Why you settle for the second best when you can go for the first class, top rated originals!
I am screwed with you man!

Saying so alter ego suddenly bent down, picked a handful of sand and sprayed it on the on coming tourists, the wind on their faces taking the grains closer and faster. They all scream and hurl themselves in rage towards Ego.

E: No! Sorry! Not me!

He screamed to no avail. The crowd that gathered thrashed him thoroughly until some other group came to his rescue. By then Ego was beaten black and blue.


Ego moaned in pain and hurt. But alter ego,though bruised a bit, rejoiced as it gleed over the reigning alter egos of the beating crowd, albeit for few raging minutes.


One thought on “Ego Vs Alter ego

  1. Well articulated.
    Alter ego is a “second self” as initially defined by psychologists in the 1st century, Rome.
    It has also been used in Literature and classics thereafter including Batman, movies and shows.
    It is also termed as “split personality”, reflecting sub-conscious mind that overpowers sometimes the normal human mind. Hence difference in action vary at certain situations.
    Excellent…well brought out between a normal self and an alter ego.
    Keep it up!!.

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