The Character

Writing 101, Day Six: A Character-Building Experience
Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

My son.

He is the most intriguing character I have ever come across. I know that for every mom her child is the best.

Mind it. I am not saying he is the best, but no other son could be better.

He is a six foot tall, heavily built person. All 200 pounds exuding warmth and affection. One person whom I know to convert all the calories he eat ( he is a ‘live to eat’ person) into warmth  and care and love for the people around.

Though I have known him all these years, he is 26 years- I would say that I have begun to ‘know’ him in the real sense only recently – since 1 year. ( He finished his graduation and now staying with us, partnering his dad in the consultancy business. Earlier he was away for eight years for his education. He left us as a teen and returned as a man, but still a child at heart.)

I know him to have a sense of humour that could diffuse any worst situation and help everyone involved to stop and take stock immediately.

This happened 14 years hence.
We were in Nairobi  then; morning rush for school, all tensed up and my son ( 12 years then) did something to rile my husband and he scolded him.I had to get my daughter (6 years) ready and amidst all that morning circus I was seething and took the car with the  same aggression.

My son was seated next to me in the front and my daughter at the back seat. When I sped out of the main gate I almost let the car skid as I had to manoeuver a downward slope  and turn left at the same time. My daughter holding her breath, but my son, sitting next to me said,

” God! We are not just coming for tea and biscuits, we are going to stay permanently with you, make arrangements”.

That did it. I smiled and got my bearings  and so the day turned out well.

His sparkling big eyes and the dimpling cheek can melt all hearts away. As much as he is warm with his words, an extrovert, who called every passer by from our 1st floor balcony flat when he was just 2 years to wish them good morning , he is also a very physical person with the immediate family. He must hug them and kiss them daily. At times that could be irritating but with his sweet smile and innocent look he makes it an important, feel good factor for all.

He has a way of saying ” yes, sure ” to any request with gusto that makes the person feel the support and care those words radiate. At the same time, he also takes liberties with the family and says ” no” with equanimity.Then it becomes difficult to get annoyed with him.

At times when dealing with the society- shop keepers, bankers, postmen, any roadside vendors and other strangers, he behaves with utmost respect and courtsey and wishes them, thanks them and apologises which makes them feel  nice. We often take some things granted, but for him, every interaction is important.  That makes him special.

I have a daughter too. She too is special for me. Unlike my son, one has to know her closely for anyone to appreciate her- a pure and straightforward, no nonsense aproach  she has. She is an introvert and thus my son stands out between the two even with strangers.
That’ s my Ashwin!


Blessed are those parents who have good kids who care and love all.


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