Reading and Writing

Reading as well as writing, both create a sense of knowing the self for me.  They are synonomous with seeking and yielding, growing and dieing, generating and regenerating for me.


When I read, words that come one after the other on the pages, they are like gems hidden and waiting to be uncovered; they reveal unique charecteristics- each having their own colour and shape ;making the discovered bounty complete.

As I read, the writer’s crafty weave of the story and characters and the emotions strike a chord in me. I discover every emotion, every feeling; the warm love, the searing hatred, the warping jealousy, the killing fear and the sweet friendship; every time as I read  the words and the sentences , page after page.


Reading is a perfect pastime for me as nothing could take away the pleasure of images the words create. I can read forever without stopping and even if I stop I can easily get back into the scene, the emotions and the characters much the same as an actor would do on a stage show after show.


If this is what is reading, then writing to me is a different way of regenerating  myself. I relive my self when I capture a moment of grief my character harbors or the purity of love when exchanged un spoken between two people. When I express the anguish and anger of a suffering soul, my heart bleeds and cries and thus I recreate a whole life. I live many lives within myself when words paint my word document.


Occasionally I indulge myself in writing with a paper and pen and the joy is unbridled. While you type the words on a computer you are handicapped with your typing, but writing on a piece of paper takes away all hurdles and seeing the emotions roll over, the characters getting  painted, the scenes unfolding- all energize and throw you in a different world where you live a million lives. What more can one ask for than to live many lives within the limited one life we all have? Only a writer can have this luxury. May be all creators feel the same way. Thus art is eternal and it pervades time and space.

Though writing is creation as compared to reading which is appreciation of that art, it is-to me-equal to reading. The benefit of being a writer is that you dabble with words constantly trying to bring out the feelings and characters alive, you are then able to capture the nuances hidden in others’ writing when you read them. Hence both are very important to me. They are like
Siamese twins joined at their hips, inseparable.


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