20 minutes in my balcony- Nashik , India


When I was sitting in the small terrace balcony of my home at around 7:30 pm, trying to enjoy the late evening summer breeze, my mail pop up notification made me look through my smart phone. Bingo! there I find the 101 June 2014 challenge. I am excited and what a perfect coincidence that I just sat there for the past 20 minutes or so soaking in the light and sound around me and here pops in a 20 minute writing challenge! That’s great isn’t it?

I definitely think so and start tapping at the key board after setting the timer for 20 minutes.

I am still in the same balcony, enjoying the light and sound show around me. The sound reaches me and jars my attention even though the light is always there. The most unmistakable sound is the music band playing all kinds of drums, typical of Indian “Baarat”- the bride groom procession that is approaching the bride’s place. A wedding near by for sure. The varying rhythms and tempo of the band is definitely loud and it is to the point of eating into your brains through the ear drums. But it is there nonetheless. I know that this would continue for another hour or so as the procession normally moves very slowly allowing the groom’s relatives and the bridal party to dance to the tunes on the road as the groom himself is seated on a horse.

Briefly then the music stops, may be the musicians are tired and wish to have a small break or the party members asked them to stop for a small,on the road,ceremony. Whatever be the case the sound stopped and suddenly in the ensuing silence I hear the constant croaking of the frogs, awaiting the rains of the hot summer days and the Crickets’ whispering(?) noise which have been there as background to the evening, but has been smothered by the wedding procession music.

The distant vehicles’ horns, the small beep of my husband’s mobile notification of a message, my self pounding the key board – all become prominent now. Then again, suddenly as if a switch is turned on, the music starts with a different rhythm now, with more tempo, may be announcing the arrival of the groom, nearing the bride’s place.


The lights around seem to be a decorative back drop to this musical show that is going on. The city lights at the background appear in tiers owing to the distance and the traffic lights, that are far, move perfectly synchronous to the rest of the lights around. Even though the sky is black and devoid of stars and moon today, these city lights are a perfect drape to the celebration that is going on.

Only when you are prompted to think about some thing, it captures your attention and it gets its due. Similarly today I happened to study the light and sound show for at least 20 minutes, even though I have sat there before many times in the past. This writing prompt definitely gave me a chance to capture the light and sound show that goes on every night albeit with different sounds (not every day a wedding happens near by!). I learnt to look and savor the experience for what they are worth actually.


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