A belief?

A feeling?

A conscious thought?


Is it something we can see, touch, and feel?

Nay! Nothing to do with the five senses!

Yet man achieves the unachievable

With just faith on his side.

Is faith akin to hope?

May be yes!

But hopes may be crushed.

So faith is more than Hope!

It is the seed from which

The tree of labor grows

And with love its fruit is borne!

Is faith akin to trust?

May be yes!

Trust in what?

Oneself? Nature of events? God?

It is YES to all and even more!

Faith is above everything!

It is a belief, a hope and a trust

In all things positive!

When such faith takes root

It branches out as

Undeterred will,

Tireless effort and

Unshakeable Faith!

Yes! Only FAITH can replace FAITH!

It is not easy to nurture faith

Yet, remember!

The entire universe runs in simple FAITH!


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